Campus Operating Status:

Rutgers University–Camden is open and operating. The spring semester combines a majority of remotely delivered instruction with a limited number of face-to-face classes. In-person events are canceled until further notice. Use the My Campus Pass app before coming to campus and remember the three Ws: Watch Your Distance, Wash Your Hands, Wear Your Face Covering.

Latest COVID-19 Info

Committee on Institutional Equity and Diversity

The Committee on Institutional Equity and Diversity (CIED) provides support to Rutgers University–Camden's commitment to achieving and advancing the principles of diversity and equity. In addition, the office serves as a focus of information about curricular and co-curricular programs and activities related to diversity and equity.

Promoting a Diverse Faculty

The CIED actively identifies opportunities to enrich the intellectual climate at Rutgers University–Camden by attracting scholars with diverse perspectives, experiences, and research.

Committee Charge

The CIED is charged with:

  • Advocating with various campus constituencies to ensure active discussions about and focus on issues of diversity;
  • Advising the Chancellor on ways to improve the level of faculty diversity on the campus;
  • Engaging in research to determine how the level of diversity on our campus compares to other Rutgers campuses and to our peer institutions; and
  • Acting as a resource for faculty search committees as they seek to create diverse applicant pools and hire candidates from a wide range of backgrounds.

CIED Members

CIED is itself a diverse collection of faculty members from across Rutgers–Camden.