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Research Journals & Publications

Our role as a global leader in academics and research contribute greatly to intellectual growth and discourse worldwide. Case in point: Our faculty and students work together to develop research innovations across a wide array of disciplines. These journals provide exceptional and competitive learning opportunities for students, and position Rutgers University–Camden as a focal point for advancing concepts.

Scholarly Publications

Rutgers–Camden is home to respected research journals and publications that feature the world’s best thinkers who share their insights globally through these scholarly publications. 

Journal of Biological Sciences

Produced by the Department of Biology and the Digital Studies Center, this online journal showcases the original science research conducted by Rutgers–Camden students.

Mickle Street Review

Produced by the Walt Whitman Program in American Studies at Rutgers–Camden, this online journal sparks dialogue and contributions by Walt Whitman scholars worldwide.

The Nick Virgilio Poetry Project

This online resource, supported by the Department of English, seeks to preserve the poetry of noted American haiku poet Nick Virgilio and share his considerable achievement widely.

Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy

The Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy is a premier forum for articulating the vital intersections between the law and public policy. Published by students of Rutgers Law School at Camden, the journal provides a unique intellectual arena for understanding law and culture.

Rutgers Law Journal

The Rutgers Law Journal is the law review for Rutgers Law School at Camden and publishes timely and provocative legal scholarship of particular interest to the legal community.

Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion

The Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion is committed to increasing legal scholarship focusing on the intersection of two dynamic aspects of the human tradition: law and religion.


Founded in 1975, StoryQuarterly has been publishing emerging and established writers for over 30 years. In the summer of 2008, Rutgers–Camden acquired StoryQuarterly and continues its tradition.