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Rutgers is open and operating. The university has moved to remote instruction for the summer term. Some services and facilities may not be operating or are operating on limited schedules.

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Student Accounting FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about student accounting at Rutgers–Camden.

What is the official address of the Student Accounting Office?

Mailing Address: 311 North Fifth Street, Camden, NJ 08102.
Physical Location: Armitage Hall, first floor

What are the Student Accounting Office hours of operation?

Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What are the Cashiering hours of operation?

Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What if the hours of operation are not convenient for me?

The Student Accounting Office has extended hours during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters.

I have a question regarding my bill and my account, who should I contact?

Please contact our Call Center Staff at 856-225-6021 or come in to the One Stop Student Services Center at 311 N Fifth St. Armitage Hall 1st Floor.

What forms of payment does Rutgers accept?

We accept cash (in person), personal check, certified check and money order. SAR and cashiers offices can no longer accept in-person/faxed credit card payments for SAR charges for fall and spring terms. Students can pay for these terms using a credit card on our web site. Our web site will only accept MasterCard/Discover credit cards.

When will my refund check be available?

Check online and follow instructions. Paper refund checks will be mailed to the address on file for all students. For faster receipt of your refund check; please sign up for direct deposit.

Do I have to submit my term bill if the amount due is $0.00?

All students must fill out the RU Here prompt to confirm that they will be attending each semester. You do not need to send anything in.

How do I pay my term bill?

All term bills must be submitted before the due date to avoid a late fee of $125.00. Refer to forms of payment question above for further details.

Where do I get my parking permit or pay a parking ticket?

Payments may be made online. A valid car registration will be needed when purchasing a parking permission. We no longer have paper permits; it is all electronic; instead of receiving a permit you will receive permission to park on a designated lot. You must provide an email address when purchasing; all parking correspondence will go to this address.

I only need a parking decal for one semester. What do I do?

The parking permissions are good for one academic year. If you need a parking permission for the fall semester only, you must purchase the permission for the full year. If you only use the permission for half a year (the deadline will be posted), you will receive half of your money back. If you purchase a parking permission during spring registration for the spring session only, the parking permission will be available at half price.

I was de-registered because I did not submit my attendance confirmation bill. What do I do?

Please contact the Student Accounting Office at (856) 225-6021. Your credit hours will be reinstated by submitting payment or proof of payment.

How do I sign up for a Rutgers RU Express Card?

Funds may be added to the RU Express accounts online, using MasterCard or Discover at Payment may also be made by cash or check at the Student Accounting Office.

How do I get a student identification card?

The IMPACT Booth located in the Campus Center will issue student ID cards. Only students who have confirmed their attendance will be issued a Rutgers student identification card. The first card is issued to students free of charge.

How do I check to see if my class has been cancelled due to weather or other emergency conditions?

Listen to KYW-AM (1060); Rutgers–Camden’s school closing numbers are 605 for day classes and 2605 for night classes. The Rutgers–Camden website will have notification.

Who do I contact if I move or change my address?

Contact the Registrar's office.