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The Office of Scholar Development and Fellowship Advising

The Office of Scholar Development and Fellowship Advising helps Rutgers University–Camden undergraduate students to identify and apply for prestigious awards and national fellowships. Under the guidance of the office director and faculty mentors, students will seek acceptance to nationally recognized fellowship programs that fund graduate training, public service internships, laboratory and field research, study abroad experiences, and professional opportunities.

Getting Started

Our office is available to assist students with identifying fellowships that meet their interests.

Information for Applicants

Tips on how to be a cometitive applicant along with advise on how to prepare for an advising meeting.

Find Your Fellowship

Our office is available to assist candidates in reviewing awards, determining eligibility and preparing a competitive application.

Pre-Advising Form

All students are encouraged to fill out the pre-advising form which will provide us with the information needed to assist.


Contact Information

Laura Collins, Director
Office of Scholar Development and Fellowship Advising

319 Cooper Street, Room 210 Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 225-2584

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Our office provides interested students with information about appropriate awards, counseling throughout the application process, and support for completing a competitive application. Qualified candidates will be students who have strong academic records, extracurricular involvement, and leadership experiences.

Students interested in applying for fellowships are encouraged to complete a pre-advising form and schedule an appointment with Laura Collins, director of scholar development and fellowship advising.


The Office of Scholar Development & Fellowship Advising is a Proud institutional Member