Powering the Rutgers–Camden experience are scholars who enjoy international reputations and deliver inspirational educations.

Mentoring Students

At Rutgers–Camden, faculty members are committed to innovative teaching at every level—undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral—and inspired by the ideas and opinions of their students. Averaging only 22 students, our small classes encourage seminar-style learning, with lively discussions that often continue past the end of class.

The small scale of the Camden campus makes access to professors open and easy. Students and professors collaborate on research, creative projects, and experiential learning opportunities. This faculty mentorship—where professors and students share the excitement of discovery—is a hallmark at Rutgers–Camden.

“I can talk to my professors at any time and always feel welcome.”

Nicole Lister, Political science major

Spotlight on Scholarship

First-rate. Top-notch. World-class. Whichever adjective you choose, our faculty are creating new knowledge, every day, and changing the way we look at our world. For instance:

Published Research

Explore some of the best thinking going on across all disciplines at Rutgers–Camden:

Research Funding

Some of the top foundations and agencies in the world invest in the excellence of our faculty. Rutgers–Camden professors routinely secure research support from such highly competitive sources as the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the William Penn Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Humanities, among many others.

Research Journals & Publications

From poetry to public policy, from law to finance, many of scholarship’s freshest ideas are published right here at Rutgers–Camden. Our campus is home to respected research journals and publications that feature the world’s best thinkers and share their insights globally. This work advances knowledge and positions Rutgers–Camden as an influential center of scholarly discourse.