Rutgers is known the world over, and for good reason. The prestige behind the name comes from a rigorous academic tradition carried out by its esteemed professors and carried on by ambitious students like you.

Undergraduate Education

Our campus might be small, but our offerings are mighty. With more than 50 programs to consider at the undergraduate level, you have many options to chart your academic course.
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Graduate Education

Ready to add a few letters after your name? From JD to MFA, from MBA to PhD, Rutgers–Camden is a leader in the region for sending its graduates onto successful careers in a variety of disciplines.
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Advising and Degree Requirements

Whether you’re an undergraduate who’s declared a major or is still exploring, someone is here to help you get to your academic destination. Graduate students should contact their departments directly for advising.
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Career Resources

The job of being a student sometimes can get in the way of career planning. That’s why Rutgers–Camden has a team of skilled and seasoned professionals available to help you start planning for your working life way before graduation. Finding the right internship or part-time job can help you get a head start on your career.
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Academic Support

Earning that prestigious Rutgers degree doesn’t come without some hard work. But there are people who are available to help undergraduates fine-tune the learning skills needed to excel at the collegiate level.
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Registration and Forms

Declare your major, register for classes, request an override, find out your grades, and more through the registrar’s office.
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academic Schedules

Find out what undergraduate and graduate classes will be offered and when final exams will be held.


When is graduation? What time does it start? Learn more about Rutgers–Camden commencement for Faculty of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Nursing, and School of Law.


Hit the books—and all the other resources that support your studies. Right on campus are the Paul Robeson Library and the Law Library. You also have access, online and onsite, to Rutgers’ entire library system. With more than 3.2 million print volumes in 26 locations across the university, it’s one of the nation’s largest research libraries.
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