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Rutgers is open and operating. The university has moved to remote instruction for the summer term. Some services and facilities may not be operating or are operating on limited schedules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

financial aid

How long will it take for Rutgers to receive my FAFSA?
The Office of Financial Aid usually receives your FAFSA seven (7) days from the time you completed the application. However, you will not receive an award notification until mid-March (for those that file before the January 15 priority deadline) or two weeks after you submit the FAFSA (for those that file after the priority deadline).

When will I receive my refund if my awards are more than my semester charges?
Once your awards credit to your student account and exceed the balance due, a refund check will be produced.  To determine if you have a refund check, you can view your account online.

Can I receive financial aid to attend a study abroad program?
Please contact the Rutgers Center for Global Education to learn more about financial aid available to study abroad students.

What do I do if my financial aid is not on my term bill?
If you receive an award letter subsequent to the date of your term bill, you may adjust your amount due by the amount of aid offered. You can also view your award online.

What happens if I filed the FAFSA after the priority deadline?
Filing the FAFSA by the priority deadline ensures that you will be considered for all available aid. If you file after the priority filing deadline of December 1 (for incoming students) or January 15 (for continuing students) and are eligible to receive financial aid, an aid package will still be constructed for you, but you may miss out on some campus-based funding.

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student accounting

I have a question regarding my bill and my account, who should I contact?
If your last name starts with letters A-L contact Jessica Sanchez at (856) 225-6021. If your last name starts with letters M-Z, contact Ronald Rich at (856) 225-6021.

What forms of payment does Rutgers accept?
We accept cash (in person), personal check, certified check and money order. SAR and cashier’s offices can no longer accept in-person/faxed credit card payments for SAR charges for fall and spring terms. Students can pay for these terms using a credit card on our web site. Our web site will only accept MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express credit cards.

Who do I contact if I move or change my address?
Contact the Registrar's office.

Where do I get my parking permit or pay a parking ticket?
Payments may be made online. A valid car registration will be needed when purchasing a decal. 

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How can I get a transcript? Can I receive one the same day?
For official transcripts, students must fill out a transcript request at Transcripts typically take 2-3 business days to process. If you are picking up your transcript, you will receive an email when it is ready for pick up. Please note that you will need to bring a photo ID with you to receive your transcript.

For unofficial transcripts, current students can view their record at You will not have access to your transcript the same day, however, you could print your own unofficial transcript at

When can I register for classes?
You can view the Camden Academic Calendar at for specific registration dates.

How can I switch my major/minor?
Students can either visit the One Stop in person, or send an email to to request a change.

I have a form to differ my student loans, Can I get help completing it?
Yes! You can bring your form to the One Stop to have it completed and sent to your loan company. Please note that these forms are not completed on the spot, and are typically sent directly to the loan company, not returned to the student.

Where can I pick up my diploma?
When you are notified that your diploma is ready for pick up, you can pick it up at the One Stop during normal business hours. Please note that you will need to bring a photo ID with you to receive your diploma.

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