English Major, Linguistics Minor

Hometown: Lindenwold, NJ

High School: Overbrook Regional High School, Pine Hill, NJ

Future Plans: I'm going to take a year off to work, read, and travel before applying to grad school. I would like to study linguistics, or write, or save time and just write about linguistics. Is that a career?

What do you like best about the English program at Rutgers–Camden?

Literature is like the study of what it means to be human, and reading it has given me a perspective on life that I wouldn't have gotten if I'd majored in something else. Studying English is about more than learning to use proper punctuation; some of the things I've read in class have shaped me as a person. I like that.

Have you taken advantage of any special opportunities within your major?

Being part of the English Students Organization has been a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to joining the English Honor Society this semester.

Is there a professor within the English program who has made a difference to you during your studies?

Yes, several! My professors have been unfailingly encouraging, patient, and supportive. They make me want to show up to class, and they answer all my stupid questions.

Why should undergraduates choose an English major at Rutgers–Camden?

Rutgers-Camden has a great master’s program that you can go into after finishing your bachelor’s degree. And the professors are awesome. They’re genuinely enthusiastic about the material, and they bring a lot to the classroom. If you study English at Rutgers, you will learn.