Biology and Teacher Prep Program

Hometown: Runnemede, NJ

High School: Triton Regional High School, Runnemede, NJ

Future plans: When I graduate, I plan on directly entering into my career. I plan on teaching secondary education in biology and general science.

What do you like best about the biology program?

I would have to say the faculty is the best part of the biology program. I have extreme respect and gratitude for all of the professors I have experienced within the department. They display a passion for their subject as well as a strong commitment to educating their students.

Is there a professor within your program or major who has made a difference to you during your studies?

Yes, one professor in particular shared his love of biology in a way that was inspiring. It is because of the outstanding experience I have had in his courses that I decided to pursue a career in education.

Why should undergraduates choose to study biology at Rutgers–Camden?

Someone with an interest in science should consider our biology program because they would be guaranteed an enriching and complete curriculum. The program offers a wide range of electives to suit any taste and the professors are experts in their fields.