As scholars conducting research at the cutting-edge of their disciplines, Rutgers–Camden faculty provide access to their thought-provoking work through publication in books that are critical resources in classrooms, libraries, research, and discourse worldwide.

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Dr. James Brown (Assistant Professor, English)
Ethical Programs:  Hospitality and the Rhetorics of Software (University of Michigan Press)
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Dr. Charlotte Markey (Professor, Psychology)
Smart People Don’t Diet (Da Capo)
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Prof. Julie Still (Librarian, Paul Robeson Library)
Managing Your Brand: Career Management and Personal PR for Librarians (Chandos Publishing)
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Prof. Pam Jenoff (Clinical Professor, Law)
The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach (Mira)
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Dr. Lauren Silver  (Associate Professor, Childhood Studies)
System Kids: Adolescent Mothers and the Politics of Regulation (The University of North Carolina Press)
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Dr. Benedetto Piccoli (Joseph and Loretta Lopez Chair Professor of Mathematics)
Multiscale Modeling of Pedestrian Dynamics (Springer)
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Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago (Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor, Public Policy)
The Miracle on Cooper Street: Lessons from an Inner City (Archway/Simon & Schuster)
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Prof. Dennis Patterson (Board of Governors Professor, Law)
Mind, Brains, and Law:  The Conceptual Foundations of Law and Neuroscience (Oxford University Press)
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Dr. Cati Coe (Professor, Anthropology)
The Scattered Family: Parenting, African Migrants, and Global Inequality (University of Chicago Press)
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Dr. Gabor Toth (Professor, Mathematics)
Introduction to Middle Egyptian Grammar through Ancient Writings (Linus Publications)
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Prof. Michael Livingston (Professor, Law)
The Fascists and the Jews of Italy: Mussolini's Race Laws, 1938–1943 (Cambridge University Press)
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Dr. Kate Epstein (Associate Professor, History)
Torpedo:  Inventing the Military-Industrial Complex in the United States and Great Britain (Harvard University Press)
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Dr. Ellen Ledoux (Associate Professor, English)
Social Reform in Gothic Writing: Fantastic Forms of Change, 1764-1834 (Macmillan)
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Dr. Philip Scranton (Board of Governors Professor Emeritus, History)
Reimagining Business History (Johns Hopkins University Press)
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Dr. Maureen Donaghy (Assistant Professor, Political Science)
Civil Society and Participatory Governance: Municipal Councils and Social Housing Programs in Brazil (Routledge)
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Dr. Charlene Mires (Professor, History)
Capital of the World: The Race to Host the United Nations (NYU Press)
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Prof. Ruth Anne Robbins (Clinical Professor, Law)
Your Client’s Story: Persuasive Legal Writing (Wolters Kluwer)
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Dr. William FitzGerald (Associate Professor, English)
Spiritual Modalities: Prayer as Rhetoric and Performance (Penn State University Press)
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Dr. Katrina Hazzard-Donald (Professor, Sociology)
Mojo Workin’: The Old African American Hoodoo System (University of Illinois Press)
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Prof. Lisa Zeidner (Professor, English)
Love Bomb (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
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Dr. Robert Schindler (Professor, Marketing)
Pricing Strategies: A Marketing Approach (Sage Publishers)
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Dr. Alan Tarr (Distinguished Professor, Political Science)
Without Fear or Favor:  Judicial Independence and Judicial Accountability in the States (Stanford University Press)
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Prof. John Maxymuk (Librarian, Paul Robeson Library)
NFL Head Coaches: A Biographical Dictionary, 1920-2011 (McFarland)
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Dr. Marie Chevrier (Professor, Public Policy)
Arms Control Policy: A Guide to the Issues (ABC-CLIO)
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Prof. David Frankford (Professor, Law) and Prof. Rand Rosenblatt (Professor, Law)
Law and the American Health Care System, second edition (West Academic)
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Dr. Joseph Barbarese (Professor, English)
Sweet Spot (Northwestern University Press)
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Dr. Holly Blackford (Associate Professor, English)
The Myth of Persephone in Girls' Fantasy Literature  (Routledge)
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Prof. Patrick Rosal (Assistant Professor, English)
Boneshepherds (Persea Books)
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Prof. Pam Jenoff (Clinical Assistant Professor, Law)
The Things We Cherished (Random House)
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Dr. Carol Singley (Professor, English)
Adopting America: Childhood, Kinship, and National Identity in Literature (Oxford University Press)
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Dr. M.A. Rafey Habib (Professor, English)
Literary Criticism from Plato to the Present: An Introduction (Wiley-Blackwell)
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Dr. Jane Siegel (Professor, Criminal Justice)
Disrupted Childhoods: Children of Women in Prison (Rutgers University Press)
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Prof. Greg Lastowka (Professor, Law)
Virtual Justice: The New Laws of Online Worlds (Yale University Press)
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Prof. Earl Maltz (Distinguished Professor, Law)
Fugitive Slave on Trial: The Anthony Burns Case and Abolitionist Outrage (University Press of Kansas)
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Dr. Lorrin Thomas (Associate Professor, History)
Puerto Rican Citizen: History and Political Identity in Twentieth-Century New York City (The University of Chicago Press)
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Dr. John Wall (Professor, Philosophy and Religion)
Ethics in Light of Childhood (Georgetown University Press)
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