Homecoming 2018: After-Party

Part of the Rutgers–Camden Homecoming 2018 Friends and Family Weekend. Celebrate your Scarlet Pride with the 2018 Homecoming Committee. Tickets are on sale at the IMPACT Booth: $5 for Rutgers–Camden students (limit one) and $10 for guests (limit one, must be 17 or older with ID). No tickets will be sold the night of the event. Learn more

Webinar: Discovering Truth and Unconscious Bias

How diverse and inclusive is the field of arts and humanities in the areas of employment, policies and procedures, and programs/activities? This free webinar viewing will provide training and resources to ensure that diverse viewpoints representing race, ethnicity, culture, disabilities, and sexual identity are integrated and practiced. Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities (MARCH) at Rutgers–Camden. Learn more

Courageous Conversations: Is Being "Color Blind" Culturally Destructive?

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion created this Courageous Conversation series to start an open and honest dialogue about key issues of race and social inequality. This event in the series is based on research findings that while the majority of people recognize that individuals perceive race differently and that inequality exists, few feel ready or willing to have open and honest conversations about inequality.

Taste of Asia

Celebrate different Asian cultures through food, activities, and music. Rain location: Executive Meeting Room and Conference Rooms South and West ABC. Co-sponsored by the West Indian-Indian Connection, the Asian Cultural Society, the International Students Association, the Korean Students Association, and the Filipino League of Innovative Pinoy Students. Learn more

Webinar: Creating a Culture of Evaluation

How can you go from having no evaluation to creating a culture of evaluation? This free webinar viewing session will explore three internal evaluators and how their positions came to be, how they have built evaluation capacity in their museums, consequences of evaluating and not evaluating, and ways to start incorporating evaluation into your own work. Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities (MARCH) at Rutgers–Camden. Learn more.