Engaged Civic Learning Courses

Engaged Civic Learning Courses have been taught by Faculty Fellows across many disciplines in all of the schools at Rutgers University–Camden.

College of Arts and Sciences


  • Applied Anthropology, taught by Cynthia Dell Clark


  • Exploring Careers in Biology, taught by Kwangwon Lee

Childhood Studies

  • Children’s Rights, taught by John Wall
  • Child Wellbeing: A Civic Engagement Approach, taught by Robin Stevens
  • Service-Learning in Childhood Studies, taught by Robin Stevens 

Criminal Justice

  • Children’s Justice Clinic and Criminal Investigations Practicum, taught by J.C. Lore and Kevin Murphy
  • Inside Out Criminal Justice, taught by Jane Siegel


  • Graphic Design Practicum, taught by Allan Espiritu


  • English Composition 102 (ECL section for Civic Scholars), taught by Michael Haeflinger
  • Literature of Childhood, taught by Carol SingleyLiteratures of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, taught by M.A. Rafey Habib
  • Teaching Creative Writing to Urban Youth, taught by Michael Haeflinger


  • Perspectives in History, taught by Charlene Mires
  • Modern Languages
  • Contemporary Civic Culture in France, taught by Alisa Belanger and Jean-Louis Hippolyte


  • Experimental Psychology Lab (ECL section), taught by Mary Bravo


  • Making Social Change Honors Seminar, taught by Tyler Hoffman and Andrew Seligsohn
  • Social Stratification and Urban Sociology, taught by Joan Mazelis


  • Creating a Public Tour, taught by Julie Still

Rutgers Law School

  • Children’s Justice Clinic and Criminal Investigations Practicum, taught by J.C. Lore and Kevin Murphy
  • Citizenship Rutgers, taught by Eve Biskind Klothen and Joanne Gottesman
  • Veterans Law Clinic, taught by Alison Nissen

School of Business

  • Business Civic Engagement, taught by Gayle Porter
  • Social Entrepreneurship, taught by Shoko Kato

School of Nursing

  • Community Nursing, taught by Robert Atkins
  • Honors Seminar in Nursing Practice, taught by Susan Norris
  • Nursing of Children and Adolescents, taught by Cynthia Ayres

School of Social Work

  • Methods of Social Work Research II, taught by Jill Sinha
  • Social Welfare Policy and Practice, taught by Jill Sinha