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Chancellor’s Awards for Civic Engagement

Every day, Rutgers University–Camden students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners work to advance the communities of southern New Jersey and the region. The Chancellor’s Awards for Civic Engagement honor those who have achieved special distinction in this area.

Award Categories

Chancellor’s Awards for Civic Engagement are awarded annually in five categories.

Academic Civic Engagement

This award recognizes courses or programs that create outstanding opportunities for engaged civic learning for Rutgers University–Camden students. Examples of potential nominees include courses that integrate engaged civic learning, major programs that integrate a community-based experience or graduate degree programs that incorporate a public interest field component. Nominees will be judged on the degree to which the civic experience advances broader learning goals, the interests of communities are advanced, and community resources are used innovatively and effectively.

Student Civic Engagement

This award recognizes students who have made noteworthy contributions to communities beyond the campus through their academic and co-curricular work. Nominations may cite students’ engagement in academic courses, internships, volunteer service, and/or paid positions. Nominees will be judged on the depth of their commitment and the impact of their work.

Cooper Civic Leadership Award

This award recognizes a student who exemplifies outstanding service to the Camden community, with special consideration given to students whose engagement is through a health-related field. An award of $1,000 from Cooper University Health Care will be given to this student.

Alumni Civic Engagement

This award recognizes individual alumni or groups of alumni for efforts and projects that benefit communities beyond the Rutgers campus. Nominations may cite alumni efforts carried out under the Rutgers banner or those carried out independently. Nominees will be judged on the scope and impact of their work.

Community Partner Civic Engagement

This award recognizes a community partner organization that has worked with Rutgers University–Camden to bring benefits to communities beyond the Rutgers campus. Nominees will be judged on the impact of their work and the depth and scope of their partnership with Rutgers University–Camden.

Faculty-Staff Community Service

This award recognizes staff and faculty members for service to communities beyond the Rutgers University–Camden campus and carried out independent of their positions at Rutgers. Nominees are judged on the duration, depth, and impact of their work.

Community-Engaged Scholarship

This award recognizes faculty whose scholarship involves a reciprocal partnership with the community, meaningfully engages community-based knowledge, and/or provides a direct and tangible benefit to the community in which it was performed. Nominees will be judged on the scope and impact of their work.

Spirit of Civic Engagement

This award recognizes an individual or office that embodies Rutgers University–Camden's commitment to civic engagement through their work on campus or with external partner organizations. Nominees are judged on the level of commitment to civic engagement demonstrated through the work of the individual or office.

Recipients of the Chancellor’s Awards for Civic Engagement

  • Academic Civic Engagement

    • Dr.  Melissa  Fender
    • Prof.  Angel  Osorio  
    • Ms. Gaylene Gordon
    • Ms. Michelle Lyttle-Storrod
    • Dr. Michelle Meloy
  • Community-Engaged Scholarship

    • Dr. Ana Laguna (associate professor, World Languages and Cultures)
    • Prof. Dana Pilla (assistant teaching professor, World Languages and Cultures)
    • Dr. Nancy Pontes (assistant professor, School of Nursing–Camden)
  • Student Civic Engagement

    • Nikia Clark
    • Ashlyn Elliott
    • Kimberly Flores
    • Taylor John
    • Claire Newsome
    • Angela Wismar
    • Nidhi Baxi
  • Faculty/Staff Civic Engagement

    • Dr. Eliezer Marcellus (Assistant Dean, Office of Academic Advising)
    • Dr. Shanyn Fiske (assistant professor, English)
  • Spirit of Civic Engagement

    • Dr. Kevin Emmons (School of Nursing–Camden)
    • Dr. Cameron Whitley (Office of Diversity and Inclusion)
    • Mr. George Wood
  • Alumni Civic Engagement

    • David Roeber
  • Community Partners

    • Mr. Dan Rhoton, Hopeworks Camden
    • Ms. Pamela Grayson-Baltimore, I Dare to Care Association (ID2C)
    • Ms. Kristin Prinn Rose, LUCY Outreach
  • Lifetime Achievement

    • Dr. Washington Hill
  • Academic Civic Engagement

    • Dr. David Dwertmann (assistant professor, SBC-management)
    • Prof. Steven Pyser (part-time lecturer, SBC)
    • Prof. Meredith Schalick (clinical professor, RLAW)
  • Community-Engaged Scholarship

    • Dr. Stephen Danley (assistant professor, FASC-public policy)
    • Dr. Charlene Mires (professor, FASC-history and director, MARCH)
    • Dr. Sylvia Perez-Cortes (assistant professor, FASC-Spanish)
  • Student Civic Engagement

    • Joanna Gardner
    • Karanveer Pannu
    • Brandon Pugh
    • Liz Ramos
    • Nitan Shanas
    • Melissa Velez
    • Students from Dr. Courtenay Cavanaugh's Violence Against Women course: Justin Addison, Rachel Andrews, Jessica Diperzio, Darris Drennon, Chennel Gardiner, Lauren Giest, Kristina Harris, Bryanna Prentice, Michaela Puryear, Samantha Tompoe, David Velez, Lisa Zibuda
    • Law School VITA Tax Prep Pro Bono Site Leaders:  Spencer Chorney, Jim Clancy, Blair Gerold, Kristen Kispert
  • Cooper Civic Leadership Award

    • Shenelle Alexander
  • Faculty/Staff Civic Engagement

    • Diseree Tyler (administrative assistant, Office of Housing and Residence Life)
  • Spirit of Civic Engagement

    • Student Heroes: Tammy Meneses, Sehwan (Ricky) Park, Jonathan Perez, Matteo Resanovic, Vanessa Solis-Palma, Corey Zytko
    • Office of Housing and Residence Life
    • Student Health Services
  • Alumni Civic Engagement

    • Daryl Johnson CCAS’84
    • Robert Ransom RLAW’16
    • Craig Roscoe CCAS’13, SSW’16
  • Community Partners

    • Camden Lutheran Housing
    • New Visions Homeless Day Shelter
    • Parkside Business and Community in Partnership
    • South Jersey Legal Services
  • Academic Civic Engagement

    • Dr. Carol Kaufman-Scarborough (School of Business)
    • Dr. Katherine Prihoda (School of Nursing)
  • Student Civic Engagement

    • Tiara DeGuzman (English/Africana studies)
    • Anthony Doran (business administration)
    • Tooba Hussain (political science/management)
    • Markenzie Johnson (political science)
    • Colin Sheehan (political science/Spanish)
  • Alumni Civic Engagement

    • Jamal Dickerson (GSC’10)
  • Community Partner

    • Legacy Youth Tennis and Education
    • Coopers Poynt School
    • Women Against Abuse
    • Project H.O.P.E.
    • The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Center
  • Faculty/Staff Engagement

    • Prof. Sarah Ricks (Rutgers Law School)
  • Community Engaged Scholarship

    • Dr. Courtenay Cavanaugh (Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Spirit of Civic Engagement

    • Dr. J.J. Cutuli (Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
    • Dr. Kathleen Jackson (School of Nursing)
    • Prof. Kimberlee Moran (Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
    • Events Office
  • Academic Civic Engagement

    • Prof. Jill Friedman (associate dean for pro bono and public interest, law)
    • Dr. Kwangwon Lee (associate professor, biology)
    • Dr. Jane Siegel (professor, criminal justice)
  • Faculty-Staff Civic Engagement

    • Joseph Sanders (director, OIT)
  • Student Civic Engagement

    • Marcellus Hill (Class of 2018) 
    • AbdulMaalik Jackson (Class of 2016)
    • Parth Lalakia (Class of 2017)
  • Alumni Civic Engagement

    • Timothy Chatten RLAW’98
    • Roy Jones CCAS’70
    • Bryan Morton CCAS’10
  • Community Partners

    • Camden County Library System/Nilsa I. Cruz-Perez Downtown Branch
    • LEAP Academy University Charter School
  • Academic Civic Engagement

    • Center for Urban Research and Education (Director:  Dr. Paul Jargowsky, professor, public policy)
    • Dr. Stephen Danley (assistant professor, public policy)
    • Dr. Oscar Holmes IV (assistant professor, management)
    • Dr. Patricia Suplee (assistant professor, nursing)
  • Faculty-Staff Civic Engagement

    • Dr. Keith Green (associate professor, English)
    • Dr. Julie Ruth (professor, marketing)
  • Student Civic Engagement

    • Angela Ballachino (Class of 2015)
    • Cassandra Kipp (Class of 2015)
    • Michael Van Stine (Class of 2015)
    • Inaugural Cohort of Civic Scholars:  Amy Mallon, Katherine Nguyen, Shaili Patel, Angelica Shaw, and Russell Tichian
  • Alumni Civic Engagement

    • Suzanne Cloud CCAS‘93
    • The Honorable Patrick F. Dugan RLAW‘94
    • Herbert Hinkle CLAW‘74 and Amanda O’Keefe CCAS‘13
  • Community Partners

    • Camden County Women’s Center
    • Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium
    • District Council Collaborative Board
  • Academic Civic Engagement

    • Elizabeth Demaray (associate professor, art)
    • Thomas Knoche (part-time lecturer, public policy)
    • Lauren Silver (assistant professor, childhood studies)
  • Faculty-Staff Community Service

    • Joseph Canada (assistant professor, accounting)
  • Student Civic Engagement

    • Rosetta Beltran (Class of 2014; psychology)
    • Brian Gregg (Class of 2016; urban studies)
    • Rutgers–North Camden Schools Partnership ESL Team
    • Rasheda L. Simpson (Ph.D. student, public affairs)
    • School of Law Pro Bono Program VITA Team
  • Community Partners

    • Center for Environmental Transformation
    • Camden City Public Schools North Camden Security Team
  • Academic Civic Engagement

    • Cynthia Dell Clark (visiting professor, sociology, anthropology, and criminal justice): for her course Applied Anthropology, which engaged her students in research to serve Cathedral Kitchen and the Neighborhood Center
    • Eve Biskind Klothen (assistant dean, law) and Joanne Gottesman (clinical associate professor, law) for Citizenship Rutgers, a major learning experience for law students
    • Michael Haeflinger (teaching assistant, English) for his design and instruction of a graduate class teaching MFA students how to teach writing to youth
    • Gayle Porter (professor, business) for her teaching of a graduate ethics, corporate social responsibility, and law class and her design of an undergraduate companion course
  • Faculty-Staff Civic Engagement

    • Jonathan Muse (assistant dean, business)
    • Rajiv Gandhi (associate professor, computer science)
    • Wanda Hardy (lecturer, economics)
    • Carmen Pendleton (program coordinator, Rutgers–Camden Center for the Arts)
  • Alumni Civic Engagement

    • Carol Beahm, CCAS’73, SSW’81
    • Lynda Hinkle, GSC’08, RLAW’09
    • Atnre Alleyne, CCAS’06, GSC’07
    • Tatiana Poladko Alleyne, GSC’07
  • Community Partner Organizations

    • Cathedral Kitchen
    • The Neighborhood Center
  • Student Civic Engagement

    • David Bolanos, Class of 2013 and Joseph Harris, Class of 2013
    • Alexis Hayes, Class of 2014
  • Academic Civic Engagement

    • Prof. J. C. Lore (clinical professor, law) and Prof. Kevin Murphy (lecturer, criminal justice): for “Children’s Justice Clinic and Criminal Investigations Practicum”
    • Dr. Joan Mazelis (assistant professor, sociology): for “Social Stratification and Urban Sociology”
  • Faculty-Staff Civic Engagement

    • Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago (Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy and Administration)
    • Dr. Daniel Hart (distinguished professor, psychology and childhood studies)
    • Prof. Brenda Jorett (lecturer, business)
  • Alumni Civic Engagement

    • Andrew Podolski, RLAW‘02
  • Community Partner Organization

    • Respond, Inc.
  • Student Civic Engagement

    • Rutgers–Camden Jumpstart Corps
    • Rutgers–Camden Student Nurses Association
    • Ashlee Garton, Class of 2012
    • Salima Mostafa, Class of 2013
    • Hyun Kyu Seo, Class of 2013