International Chancellor’s Graduate Scholarship

International students pursing a master’s degree can receive up to $14,000 toward graduate study.

Funding for Your Master’s Degree

The International Chancellor’s Graduate Scholarship makes earning a Rutgers degree possible for nonsponsored, international students who hold an F-1 visa. 

How It Works

The scholarship is available to all nonsponsored, international F-1 applicants who meet the requirements and enroll full time in a master’s degree program in the Graduate School or the School of Business:

$10,000 ($5,000 per semester):

  • The Graduate School: waived GRE, or if GRE is required and score is less than 158
  • School of Business: GMAT score is 500 to 599

Applicants will receive a merit scholarship if they meet certain GRE or GMAT scores:

$14,000 ($7,000 per semeseter):

  • The Graduate School: GRE is required and score is 158 or greater
  • School of Business: GMAT score is 600 or greater

Students can receive the scholarship for four semesters total. To renew, students must take a full course load and maintain the necessary academic standing as indicated by their program of study.

How to Apply

There is no separate application for the scholarship. Applicants who meet the criteria are automatically considered when they apply and are admitted to Rutgers University–Camden.

Who Is Eligible?

Nonsponsored, international F-1 visa students (not sponsored by a government agency but who self-pay) and meet Rutgers University–Camden admission requirements. Students applying to doctoral programs are not eligible for this scholarship.

More Information

For more information about the International Chancellor’s Graduate Scholarship, contact the Admissions Office at 856-225-6104 or