First-Year Applicant FAQs

Answers to your questions about applying as a first-year student are just a click away.

I am a current high school student. If I submit my high school transcript instead of a Self-Reported Academic Record, will you still consider my application?

No. We do not accept interim high school transcripts in lieu of the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR), and Rutgers will not review transcripts submitted instead of a SRAR. You should obtain your transcript from your guidance counselor so that you can complete the SRAR with accurate information. Once students graduate from high school, we require a final official transcript to be sent directly from the high school showing all courses taken in grades 9 through 12, along with the graduation date.

Do you consider the writing portion of the SAT?

Yes. We consider the writing portion of the SAT in our decision-making process. Learn more about our admissions requirements for first-year students.

Is there a minimum SAT or ACT score requirement?

No. Standardized tests were designed to be used in conjunction with a student's high school record, so Rutgers does not pre-set a minimum SAT or ACT score for admission to any of our colleges or schools. Rutgers–Camden looks at all of the required credentials a student submits and places greater emphasis on the student's academic performance as reflected on the Self-Reported Academic Record.

I plan to retake the SAT but my updated scores may not be available until after December 1. Should I submit my most recent scores by the due date and send my updated scores when available?

You should submit at least one set of scores by the Regular Action due date, to ensure consideration for all schools to which you applied. Your updated SAT scores will be considered if they are received before a decision has been made on your application. We cannot guarantee that decisions will not be made before we receive your new scores. Students who have a planned SAT date should indicate this on their applications.

Does Rutgers accept the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma?

Yes. Rutgers recognizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions recommends advanced placement credit for Higher Level passes of five, six, and seven. Final decisions, however, rest with the college/school deans and/or department chairs who may require a syllabus before making such decisions.

Do I need to submit my Advanced Placement (AP) scores with my application?

No. Only enrolling students should arrange to have their AP scores sent to Rutgers.

Do you offer scholarships to students who apply after the regular action due date?

Students who complete their applications after the regular action due date may be considered for scholarships, if scholarship dollars remain available. For full consideration, it is best to apply by the regular action due date.

Should I submit my mid-year grades?

Mid-year grade reports are not needed for initial consideration unless requested by the admissions committee. However, students placed on the waiting list should definitely submit mid-year grades as soon as they are available

I need assistance with course selection for my upcoming senior year of high school. Is there someone that can help me with this?

We suggest you discuss your senior course schedule with your guidance counselor so that you can choose the schedule that is most appropriate for reaching your goals. The strength of an applicant’s senior year program is one of the many factors we consider during our review process. Please note that your online Self-Reported Academic Record must show that you will graduate with at least 16 academic units. Read more about our entrance requirements for first-year applicants.

How can I defer my admission?

Deferrals of admission may be granted on a case-by-case basis to first-year applicants admitted for the fall semester. Students wishing to defer their offers of admission must make requests in writing by May 1. Read more information about admissions deferrals at Rutgers.