If you have been accepted to Rutgers University–Camden as an undergraduate student, your next step is to accept your offer of admission. Congratulations!

  1. Go to Your Rutgers Status to accept your admission to Rutgers University–Camden and confirm your attendance.
  2. Submit your $150 nonrefundable acceptance fee online.
  3. Check the Rutgers enrollment pathway website to confirm that you have completed all the necessary steps for placement testing, course registration, housing and dining, financial aid, billing, final transcripts, and other aspects of your enrollment. 
  4. Look for a communication from the Office of New Student Programs, who will help you transition to Rutgers–Camden as a new student.

Office of New Student Programs

After you have accepted your offer of admission, the Office of New Student Programs will walk you through the next steps. This office is responsible for:

  • Orientation programs
  • Placement testing
  • Course registration for the first semester classes
  • Transfer credit evaluations

The Office of New Student Programs will contact you about the next steps in your transition to life as a Rutgers University–Camden student. 

Placement Testing

Placement tests are required for all first-year and transfer students who are not transferring a credit-bearing, college-level course in math and/or English. 

There are three placement tests offered on each test date.

  1. Math, which is required for any student who has not taken or transferred in a college-level math course.
  2. English, which is required for all students who have not transferred in a college-level English course (except for students who have a score of 500 or greater on the verbal/critical reading section of the SAT exam).
  3. Foreign language (Spanish, French, and German), which is required for College of Arts and Sciences students planning to continue in the language that they studied in high school.

See the Office of New Student Programs for information on Rutgers–Camden placement testing.

Admissions Deferrals

Deferrals of admission may be granted to:

  • first-year applicants admitted for the fall semester, and 
  • transfer applicants who will be pursuing U.S. military service.

Students wishing to defer their offers of admission must make requests in writing by May 1.

Deferrals are granted only for a full academic year, from one fall semester to the very next fall semester, with the exception of students leaving for military service. A deferral is official only when you are notified that the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has granted your request

Conditions for Deferral

You must be a fall, first-year admitted student or transfer applicant who will be pursuing U.S. military service.

Your enrollment fee of $150 must be included with your written request for deferral. If your deferral is not granted your fee will be returned.

By July 1 of the year you are requesting the deferral, you must submit a final, official high school transcript certifying graduation and showing all courses and grades from grades 9 through 12. Deferrals are conditioned on successful completion of all senior courses with no decline in grades.

During the deferral year, you may not take any college courses. Enrollment in any college credit-bearing courses, even if you do not complete them, will nullify the deferral.

Re-Submitting for Admission

If your deferral has been granted and you would like to enroll at the university, you must complete and submit a new application for undergraduate admissions, follow all instructions, and adhere to all deadlines. No new application fee is required if you meet all of the deferral requirements. You may resubmit your previous essay or compose a new one.

If you adhere to the terms above, you will receive a new admission packet. You will need to accept your offer of admission by May 1. The enrollment fee you paid when requesting your deferral will be applied to the new year.

Please note: Scholarships, admission to honors programs, and Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) awards are specific to each academic year and may not be deferred. Students who have deferred admission are considered for any scholarships, honors programs and awards when they reapply.