Campus Operating Status:

Rutgers is open and operating. The university has moved to remote instruction for the summer term. Some services and facilities may not be operating or are operating on limited schedules.

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Strategic Plan Committees

The following committees have been established to develop recommendations on how to achieve the goals set forth in the Rutgers University–Camden Strategic Plan.  Each committee will be staffed by Loree Jones (chief of staff).  Questions about the committees should be directed to Loree Jones at 856-225-6542 or via email.


This committee will oversee how we enact our strategic plan and integrate its goals into our everyday activities.

  • Dr. Alok Baveja (professor, SBC-management)
  • Prof. Victoria Chase (clinical associate professor, CLAW)
  • Dr. Michael Clark (assistant professor, SNC)
  • Greg Gamble (director, economic development)
  • Dr. Drew Humphries (professor, FASC-criminal justice)
  • Loree Jones (chief of staff)
  • Drew Kaiden (assistant chancellor, development)
  • Dr. Robert Nolan (associate dean, School of Social Work)
  • Dr. Marie O’Toole (senior associate dean of faculty and student affairs and professor, SNC)
  • Dr. Sam Rabinowitz (professor, SBC-management)
  • Dr. Cynthia Saltzman (part-time lecturer, FASC-sociology)
  • Dr. Rayman Solomon (provost)
  • Dr. Bill Whitlow (professor, FASC-psychology)


This committee will focus on how we advance our critical research mission and our reputation as a center for cutting-edge scholarship.

  • Dr. Janice Beitz (professor, SNC)
  • Kathleen Brennan (senior director, development)
  • Dr. Prospero Garcia (assistant professor, FASC-Spanish)
  • Prof. Philip Harvey (professor, CLAW)
  • Dr. Paul Jargowsky (professor, FASC-public policy and director, Center for Urban Research and Education)
  • Loree Jones (chief of staff)
  • Dr. Howard Marchitello (associate dean for graduate school and research and professor, FASC-English)
  • Dr. Naomi Marmorstein (professor, FASC-psychology)
  • Dr. Joseph Martin (associate dean for science, mathematics, technology, and health sciences and professor, FASC-biology)
  • Camie Morrison (director, sponsored research)
  • Dr. Michael Palis (professor, FASC-computer science)
  • Dr. Benedetto Piccoli (Joseph and Loretta Lopez Chair in Mathematics, FASC and director, Center for Computational and Integrative Biology)
  • Dr. Julie Ruth (professor, SBC-marketing)
  • Dr. Jane Siegel (professor, FASC-sociology)
  • Dr. Wanda Williams (assistant professor, SNC)

Student Success

This committee will focus on our institutional priority to help students achieve their goals and graduate in a timely manner.

  • Dr. Julie Amon (associate chancellor, undergraduate education and student success)
  • Dr. Snehamay Banerjee (associate dean for undergraduate programs and associate professor, SBC-management)
  • Dr. Marsha Besong (director, EOF)
  • Laura Collins (assistant dean, FASC-Honors College)
  • Kandace Diedrick (assistant dean, SBC)
  • Christine Ebner (student experience officer, SBC)
  • Prof. Allan Espiritu (associate professor, FASC-art)
  • Dr. William FitzGerald (associate professor, FASC-English and director, Teaching Matters and Assessment Center)
  • Cheryl Hallman (assistant dean, Career Center)
  • Loree Jones (chief of staff)
  • Angel Kelly (clinical assistant professor, SNC)
  • Dr. Kwangwon Lee (associate professor, FASC-biology)
  • Amy Liberi (assistant dean, FASC)
  • Prof. Alison Nissen (clinical associate professor and director, CLAW-academic success program)
  • Dr. David Salas-de la Cruz (assistant professor, FASC-chemistry)
  • Dr. Joseph Schiavo (associate dean for undergraduate programs and clinical associate professor, FASC-music)
  • Allison Wisniewski (associate dean, student affairs)

Marketing and Visibility

  • Dr. Claudia Beckmann (associate dean for graduate programs and associate professor, SNC)
  • Dr. James Brown (assistant professor, FASC-English and director, Digital Studies Center)
  • Nathan Bullock (director, off-campus programs)
  • Prof. Jason Cohen (clinical professor, CLAW and director, lawyering programs)
  • Dr. Akon Ekpo (assistant professor, SBC-marketing)
  • Wanda Garcia (associate director, Community Leadership Center)
  • Loree Jones (chief of staff)
  • Cal Maradonna (manager, SBC-off-campus business and international programs)
  • Scott Owens (director, alumni relations)
  • Dr. Cyril Reade (associate professor, FASC-art and director, Center for the Arts)
  • Julie Roncsinske (assistant dean, FASC)
  • Michael Sepanic (associate chancellor, external relations)
  • Kristin Walker (director, campus events)
  • Nyeema Watson (acting associate chancellor, civic engagement)