Campus Operating Status:

Rutgers University–Camden is open and operating. The fall semester will combine a majority of remotely delivered instruction with limited in-person instruction. Some services are available for face-to-face delivery.

Latest COVID-19 Info

Strategic Plan

During 2014-19, Rutgers University–Camden embarked upon a bold plan to advance our institution. This strategic plan was built, and implemented, by our students, faculty, staff, alumni, supporters, and communities.

Shaping Our Future: 2014–19

Rutgers–Camden is at an exciting juncture in its history. "Shaping Our Future: 2014-19" reflects the many forward-thinking opportunities that have helped to propel Rutgers–Camden's ongoing and future growth.

The Rutgers University–Camden Strategic Plan (PDF) outlines the shared goals of our campus community developed and implemented through the end of 2019. The plan incorporates the valuable insight from many members of the Rutgers–Camden community.

This document represents a comma, and not a period, in our ongoing dialogue about the future of Rutgers University–Camden. We are continuously open to new priorities and to constantly evaluating our progress.