Campus Operating Status:

Rutgers University–Camden is open and operating. The fall semester will combine a majority of remotely delivered instruction with limited in-person instruction. Some services are available for face-to-face delivery.

Latest COVID-19 Info

FAQ for Fall 2020 Semester

A comprehensive listing of frequently asked questions related to Rutgers policies regarding health and safety – as well as information directly related to faculty and staff – is available at the universitywide FAQ page.

Below are FAQs for students regarding the fall 2020 semester at Rutgers University–Camden. If you have a question not answered below, please send us an email.


Can I meet with my professors?

Faculty will be available via videoconferencing, email, and/or phone. Ask your instructor regarding the options available in each class.

How can I find out which classes offer in-person instruction?

Visit this link for information about courses offering opportunities for in-person instruction during the fall semester.

Will online classes be moved to in-person instruction during the fall?

No. Classes that begin as online will remain that way throughout the semester. Changes in federal and state health guidelines could require courses that begin with in-person instruction to move online.

What should I do if I am concerned about in-person instruction due to health reasons?

Students who have a health condition (or who have a family member in their household with a health condition) and are concerned about their in-person class requirements should contact the following offices for assistance:

What are the plans for the spring 2021 semester?

Our hope is to resume more face-to-face classes in the spring if it is safe to do so. We will continue to monitor federal, state, and local guidelines throughout the fall.

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Health and Safety

Will face coverings be required on campus?

Yes, when in the presence of others in all buildings and public spaces, and following protocols and guidelines for social distancing. Visit here for more information.

What other protocols will be implemented?

Students, faculty, and staff will be required to display their Rutgers IDs at all times when on campus.

If I forget my face covering, will there be any available on campus?

Yes. Additional information will be posted here shortly.

Is testing required for individuals to return to campus?

The development of a program for self-screening, testing, and contract tracing continues. Testing protocols are being developed by medical teams at RBHS. Every member of the campus community should perform a self-assessment daily – monitoring for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 – before coming to campus. If the individual does not feel well or is sick, the individual must stay home.

What are the protocols for international students?

Visit here for information pertaining to international students.

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Tuition and Financial Support

Will the university offer discounts on tuition and fees because of remote instruction?

The Rutgers Board of Governors took the unprecedented step of freezing tuition and fees for the 2020-21 academic year. This action was taken in recognition of the economic stresses that confront every member of our community and despite cost increases in virtually every area of our operation. Tuition and fees are set at the minimum amount required to provide our students with a world-class education. A robust Rutgers education, whether delivered in a remote, hybrid, or in-person fashion, is comprehensive and is provided by some of the finest scholars in American higher education. The university does not anticipate any reduction in tuition. All online course fees have been removed for the fall 2020 semester. The campus fee has been reduced by 15% for the 2020-21 academic year. Fees continue to support a full range of services that continue to support all students, including technology assistance, online instruction platforms, academic advising, health services, and much more.

Will work-study jobs be available for students in the fall?

Federal Work-Study (FWS) provides students with the opportunity to earn college funds by obtaining a part-time positon on or off campus. FWS is need-based aid and only available to students who qualify after completing a 20/21 academic year FAFSA. FWS awards appear on the student’s financial aid package along with all other financial aid. The amount shown is an amount of funds allocated to the student to earn by obtaining a FWS job. FWS funds are paid directly to the student every two weeks based on the amount of hours worked during the two-week pay period. Students awarded FWS will be able to apply for FWS-specific jobs on Handshake. FWS jobs are obtained through an application and interview process and can be competitive, so it is advised that students update their Handshake profiles and resumes. FWS jobs are not the only employment opportunities available to students via Handshake. Access to Handshake will not be available until the third week of August. For the fall semester, positions will be limited since most offices will be working remotely. Depending on the position, you may be able to work on campus or remotely.

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Housing and Student Services

Will there be on-campus housing?

On-campus housing will be offered at a reduced capacity in order to ensure social distancing and other health safety measures. Housing assignments and contracts have been distributed and move-in plans have been announced. Answers to frequently asked questions about housing are posted here.

Will athletics hold sports competitions in the fall?

In accordance with the New Jersey Athletic Conference, Rutgers-Camden has suspended fall intercollegiate athletics.

Will there be on-campus activities and events?

While there will be no in-person events on any Rutgers campus during the fall 2020 semester, Rutgers–Camden is developing a robust schedule of virtual programming for our campus community. Check or the campus app for regular updates.

What services and offices will be available this fall?

All Rutgers–Camden student-facing services and offices will be open and accessible for appointments, consultations, and chats. Many offices will offer in-person and virtual options: in-person as allowed and following all social distancing parameters and state and university safety and health guidelines. Currently, all offices are operating virtually and can be accessed via phone and email. Check each unit’s website for detailed contact information or make appointments through RaptorConnect or the tile on the Rutgers–Camden app.

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Facilities and Campus Operations

Will the Athletic and Fitness Center open?

The Rutgers–Camden Athletic and Fitness Center reopens Wednesday, Sept. 23, with limited access. A reservation is required. Please review these policies before visiting the facility.

Will the Campus Center open?

On or before Sept. 1, the Campus Center will resume limited operations for the use of our students, faculty, and staff. Social distancing, cleaning, and other safety parameters will apply. Swipe card access (Rutgers ID) will be required. The facility currently remains closed.

Will dining and Starbucks reopen?

Gourmet Dining has resumed take-out meal options via Grubhub. More information is available on the dining website.

Will the student computing lab be open?

The student computing lab in the Paul Robeson Library will resume service on Sept. 1. At that time, social distancing and cleaning protocols will be in place, and the computer stations will be sanitized regularly.

Will the library be open?

"Curbside" pick-ups of printed library materials are available, as are other services. The facility currently remains closed.

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