Upcoming Events

Monday, 6:00 PM

"Broken on all Sides:  Race, Mass Incarceration, and New Visions for Criminal Justice in the U.S.,'" a documentary about the history and causes of mass incarceration in the United States, how systemic racism impacts criminal justice, and ways to change the system, will be shown.  Free of charge and open to the public.  Sponsored by the School of Social Work.

Wednesday, 12:15 PM

The Mallery Concert Series plays on with Kathleen Scheide on the fortepiano and Cheryl Dungan Cunningham on the harpsichord. >>More info

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Monday, 1:20 PM to 3:20 PM

Christa Galvin, director of volunteer and community outreach for The Neighborhood Center, a nonprofit organization committed to serving the community of South Camden, will lead guests on a tour of the center. The Neighborhood Center, whose mission is to create a “community living room,” provides many resources for its South Camden neighborhood, including daycare, afterschool care, a teen program, and a community kitchen that serves lunch 365 days a year.

Monday, 12:20 PM

Eco-artist Mary Mattingly, who creates site-specific human habitats, will Skype in. Mattingly recently launched a three-part project: three spherical living systems incorporating rainwater collection, which cycled water through edible gardens, solar panels, and enclosed living spaces. These spheres were choreographed through New York City’s five boroughs. WetLand (Part Three) is currently on view at Penn’s Landing and will launch from the Delaware River in Philadelphia.

Tuesday, 12:15 PM

The Madrigals Ensemble will perform under the direction of Julianne Baird, a distinguished professor of music. >>More info

Admission is free.


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