Co-Chair:             Dr. Drew Humphries (professor, FASC-sociology)


Dr. Julie Amon (associate chancellor for academic services)

Jiro Arase (student, GSC)

Dr. Robert Atkins (associate professor, SNC)

Dr. Alok Baveja (professor, SBC-management)

Pamela Clark (director, TRiO Student Support Services)

Mary Beth Daisey (associate chancellor for student affairs)

Prof. Elizabeth Demaray (associate professor, FASC-art)

Larry Gaines (vice chancellor for administration and finance)

Dr. Jaishankar Ganesh (dean, SBC)

Dr. Emel Kahya (associate professor, SBC-accounting)

Drew Kaiden (assistant chancellor for development)

Kerry Krautwald (student, CCAS)

Dr. Kriste Lindenmeyer (dean, FASC)

Dr. Naomi Marmorstein (professor, FASC-psychology)

Ashley Nickels (student, GSC)

Prof. John Oberdiek (acting dean, CLAW)

Dr. Michael Palis (professor, FASC-computer science)

Dr. Eugene Pilotte (professor, SBC-finance)

Brandon Quiles (SBC, Class of 2014)

Rosa Rivera (director, financial services)

Dr. Joanne Robinson (dean, SNC)

Dr. Alex Roche (associate professor, FASC-chemistry)

Prof. Adam Scales (vice dean and professor, CLAW)

Noreen Scott-Garrity (associate director of education, FASC-Center for the Arts)

Mike Sepanic (associate chancellor for external relations)

Dr. Rayman Solomon (provost)

Prof. Allan Stein (professor, CLAW)

Nyeema Watson (acting associate chancellor for civic engagement)

Prof. Lisa Zeidner (professor, FASC-English)

Strategic Planning Town Hall

Join Chancellor Phoebe Haddon for a town hall discussion about the strategic plan in the Campus Center's Multi-Purpose Room at 12:20 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28.