When does Rutgers' online application become available for the upcoming year?

Each year our Application for Undergraduate Admission is available in early September.

How long does it take for the Your Rutgers Status screen to show that my credentials have been received?

It can take three weeks from the date your credentials are sent to Rutgers for confirmation of their receipt to appear on the status screen. You should allow more time if your credentials are being sent from overseas.

Does the major I choose on the application affect admissions consideration?

No. You may indicate an area of interest when completing the application for undergraduate admission or you may choose "undecided." If you are admitted to Rutgers University, academic advisers are available to help you with declaring a major.

Do children of alumni receive special admissions consideration?

While we're proud that our graduates value their Rutgers–Camden education so much that they want for their children to enjoy the same opportunities, Rutgers is a state university and provides every applicant with an equal opportunity to be admitted. Children of alumni do not receive special consideration in the admissions process.

Do you have a downloadable version of the application?

Although a downloadable version is not available, you may print the preview version of our application for review. Once you begin your application, your information will be saved automatically between logins. Submitting your online application is fast and secure, and you will receive confirmation that we have received your application immediately upon submission.

Do you require letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are not used for admissions consideration. Our application provides multiple opportunities for applicants to describe their accomplishments, activities, community service, and personal experiences. Some honors programs at Rutgers may request letters of recommendation for admission into those specific programs, although your admission into Rutgers does not require such letters.

I cannot fit my essay in the space provided on the application. Can I send it separately?

No. Essays submitted separately from the online application will not be considered.

Can you return my application so that I can make some changes?

Once the online application has been submitted, you cannot retrieve it to make changes. But rest assured: our system would not have allowed you to submit an application if it was missing any of the required information.

Do you accept the common application?

No. All students applying for admission to Rutgers must submit our Application for Undergraduate Admission. All of our forms are online for your immediate use.

Does Rutgers require an essay?

Yes. The essay is required for all applicants and must be answered in the text box provided on the application.

When will I receive my letter saying whether or not I have been admitted?

We communicate all decisions through Your Rutgers Status within our designated time frames. Admitted students may accept or decline their offers of admission from the Your Rutgers Status site.

Can you return my transcripts?

We are not able to return any credentials.

My application has been withdrawn from consideration because I didn't send my credentials on time. Can I reinstate it?

Yes, if any school to which you applied is still accepting students. You must submit all required academic items and fees. After you see on Your Rutgers Status that we have recorded receipt of all items, write and request reinstatement or fax your request to (732) 445-0237.

I was admitted to a school to which I didn't apply. How is that possible?

Our goal is to provide maximum consideration for every applicant. If we are unable to offer you admission to the school(s) you have selected, we will consider your application for other appropriate Rutgers school choices.

I have a bachelor's degree from another school and am looking to take some courses as a non-degree student. How do I apply?

Students interested in non-degree study should apply using our Undergraduate Admissions Application. Please pay the application fee and send an official college transcript showing that you have earned a bachelor's degree.

Please note that we cannot guarantee course availability for non-degree students. If admitted, students should contact the academic department offering the course they wish to take to inquire about obtaining a special permission number. All Rutgers students can visit the online course registration system to check course availability.

I have a bachelor's degree from Rutgers and am looking to take some courses as a non-degree student. How do I apply?

Applicants previously enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at any campus of Rutgers University who wish to return to take undergraduate courses for either degree or non-degree study should use the Re-Enrollment Application.

I am currently taking courses as a non-matriculating student at Rutgers and would now like to seek a Rutgers degree. How does this process work?

Students who have taken courses at Rutgers as a non-matriculating student and now wish matriculate must re-apply for admission using the Application for Undergraduate Admission. Please note: if admitted, you will be required to pay the $150 enrollment fee.

Does Rutgers comply with the New Jersey College Student and Parent Consumer Information Act?

Yes, please see the information posted here.

Does Rutgers accept fee waivers?

If payment of the application fee would pose a financial hardship, see your high school counselor for a College Board Fee Waiver form. We also will honor letters on official letterhead from you high school guidance office or financial aid office of your current institution.