Rutgers-Camden faculty members advance the twin objectives of student learning and community development through courses that integrate civic engagement into the curriculum. We call this approach Engaged Civic Learning. It is a teaching strategy that is enhancing courses across a wide range of disciplines in all of Rutgers-Camden’s schools. Supported by the Office of Civic Engagement, faculty members in fields such as biology, history, English, nursing, sociology, and business have created innovative partnerships with community organizations that deepen students’ understanding of course content through active engagement with communities beyond the campus. Students engage in service, advocacy, and other forms of participation that connect course material to the real efforts of real people to make positive change. Courses employing Engaged Civic Learning contribute to Camden and the region right now while preparing Rutgers-Camden students for lives of active citizenship and informed leadership.

The Civic Engagement Faculty Fellows program prepares faculty members to enhance their courses through the integration of Engaged Civic Learning. Faculty members offering Engaged Civic Learning courses may apply for small grants to cover related expenses. A list of current and past Engaged Civic Learning courses is available.

For more information on Engaged Civic Learning, contact Tom Dahan, Program Coordinator for Academic Civic Engagement,