Childhood Studies and Psychology Double Major

Hometown: Burlington Township, NJ

High School: Burlington Township High School, NJ

Future plans: My plan is to attend the Rutgers–Camden childhood studies graduate program. No matter what career I chose, my goal is to help children in the most effective way. There are many different ways this can be reached. I would like to explore the fields of child life and counseling in particular.

What do you like best about the childhood studies major?

I love the childhood studies faculty. They are always so helpful. I have also been very interested in the development and well-being of children and this program encompasses everything I ever wanted to learn about childhood.

Is there a professor within the childhood studies program who has made a difference to you during your studies?

Many professors have made differences but one in particular stands out.  She not only taught me to be a better student, but she gave me a confidence in my own potential that I never saw before. Every single teacher I experienced in this program has been exceptionally understanding and extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Why should undergraduates choose to study childhood studies at Rutgers–Camden?

It is one of a kind and one of only a few childhood development programs around, with a knowledgeable staff and classes that develop students’ ability to understand and help children. I have been through three different majors and three different schools. Rutgers–Camden’s childhood studies program has given me a field of study that is 100% me and I couldn’t be happier with the way this program has shaped my life.