Biology Major, enrolled in Joint BA/DO Program

Hometown: Marlton, NJ

High School: Cherokee High School, Marlton, NJ

Future Plans: After graduation, I plan to further advance my education by attending medical school. I would like to become a doctor, but I am not quite sure which exact area I would like to practice.

What do you like best about the pre-med program?

It has great advisers that are willing to help anyone out. Anyone can walk straight over to the Career Center and get advice and information on programs, internships, and anything else they may need help with.

Have you taken advantage of any special opportunities within the pre-med program?

I have been a part of the Pre-Med Club on campus and have visited different medical schools and attended different lectures that have been offered through the club. I found the lectures very helpful in understanding many problems facing doctors today. It was also amazing to visit medical schools because touring different schools confirmed that I want to continue on the medical school track.

Why should undergraduate students participate in the pre-med program at Rutgers–Camden?

Rutgers–Camden offers great opportunities to any person looking for guidance through the pre-med program. It has extremely helpful advisers, offers opportunities to visit and explore medical schools, and it is easy to get involved with different clubs and organizations and to be proactive. The people I’ve met, the friends that I’ve made, and the classes I have taken and the experiences I’ve had at Rutgers–Camden have not only bettered me as a person, but have better prepared me to face any challenges that come my way.