May Wedlund, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate, returned last June from Afghanistan, where she managed the country’s inventory of enhanced military items, including night-vision devices.

“It was the hardest I worked in my life for sixth months,” she says. “I actually wanted to stay longer, but had to return because I had other things to do.”

Those other things, of course, include pursuing her legal education at Rutgers. She is now entering her second year of law school.

“By far the most valuable part of being at Rutgers Law–Camden has been the faculty. Everyone is supportive and encouraging and they really care about the students here,” Wedlund adds.

“At the Naval Academy, classes are small and it is relatively easy to meet with professors when you are struggling with courses. However, the military structure makes the interaction very professional and somewhat impersonal. Here, the faculty really go the extra mile to ensure students are happy, engaged in the institution, and maximizing their potential.”