African American Studies

Hometown: Lindenwold, NJ

High School: Lindenwold High School, NJ

Future plans: After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school for a master's degree in college student affairs.  Further on, I hope to attain my doctorate in Africana studies. I would like to work in higher education.

What do you like best about the African American studies program?

What I like best about the African American studies program is that is not limited. While the focus of program is on the history of African Americans, African American studies intersects race, gender, class, and other minorities. More importantly, African American studies focuses on a larger aspect of black history; it is not limited to blacks in America.

What kinds of professors teach courses in this program?

Our professors come from a variety of departments: English, sociology, and anthropology. Because of this diversity, they are each able to bring something new to the table. Whether it is literary writers from the Harlem Renaissance, the conditions of childhood in Africa, or the current state of minority education, each professor has a different perspective to share.

Why should undergraduates choose to study African American studies at Rutgers–Camden?

Pursing a degree in African American studies allows you to become more diversified and educated in one’s way of thinking. African American studies is not simply American history, black studies, or African studies, but a look into the world: past, present, and future.