Chemistry, Biochemistry Option

Hometown: Moorestown, NJ

High School: Moorestown High School, NJ

Future plans: I will likely attend graduate school or start a long-term agriculture-related internship. I would like to be a practicing agriculturalist and do research in soil chemistry and edaphology as it pertains to agricultural systems.

What do you like best about the chemistry program?

This major is intellectually challenging. It requires a good deal of work, but I feel that I am learning something of great importance.

Have you participated in any special opportunities within the chemistry program?

Yes. I am currently engaged in undergraduate research with Dr. Roche. On a weekly basis I do lab work under my adviser. In my research, I am using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) in conjunction with chiral shift reagents as a means to distinguish different isomers in a mixture.

Why should undergraduates choose to study chemistry at Rutgers–Camden?

The Department of Chemistry faculty are great. I have learned so much from all my professors. The quality of your education, wherever you go, is only as good as the people who teach you.