Computer Science

Hometown: Carlisle, PA

High School: Red Land High School, Lewisberry, PA

Future Plans: I plan to attend graduate school at Princeton University. I would like to become a professor and perform research in an applied area of computer science. Right now I believe that my focus will be on applying computational methods to open problems that exist in life sciences.

What do you like best about the computer science major?

Computer science allows a student to learn computational methods and concepts that are applicable to many career paths. Developing strong analytical abilities in order to find efficient solutions to problems is a skill that is valued not only in software development, but in many areas of industry and research.

Is there a professor within the computer science program who has made a difference to you during your studies?

Although I have had a number of good professors at Rutgers–Camden, I was quite fortunate to find one professor in particular who has been willing to put in a great deal of individual time and effort to act as an adviser and mentor to me throughout my undergraduate studies. This professor took a very active role in my development as a student and really helped me to recognize my potential.

Why should undergraduates choose to study computer science at Rutgers–Camden?

The greatest advantage to studying computer science at Rutgers–Camden is that it really provides the opportunity to have a lot of direct interaction with professors both inside and outside of the classroom, rather than only being able to interact with teaching assistants, as is often the case at larger schools. Especially in the early stages of academic development, this can be very important.