Physics Major

Hometown:  Pennsauken, NJ

High School:  Pennsauken High School, Pennsauken, NJ

Future Plans: I would like to pursue industrial or academic research and experimentation—either spearheading such research or being part of a team.

What do you like best about the physics major?

There is something extremely satisfying about using mathematics and models to characterize the behavior of the processes in and out of the laboratory, and taking that ability and trying to transform it into intuition.

Is there a professor within the physics program who has made a difference to you during your studies?

Each professor brings a perspective or interest to the classroom and related research. Some have such a command of the material it makes learning exciting and easy to understand. Others have prepped us for real world engineering and lab work applications, or have pushed us to think beyond what is simply in the text book.

Why should undergraduates choose to study physics at Rutgers–Camden?

The potential to take part in undergraduate research in the Physics Department is one of the most significant reasons to study at Rutgers–Camden. Undergraduate research here is rich, and will prepare students for graduate level laboratory work and further their understanding of material covered in the classroom. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Dr. Daniel Bubb in his Laser-Materials Interactions Laboratory as an undergraduate research assistant.