What Rutgers–Camden researchers know about the world fills volumes. In the past five years (2007 to 2011) alone, approximately 70 books have been published by Rutgers–Camden faculty, who are known across the globe for their innovative and inspiring scholarship.

Rutgers–Camden researchers produce tangible insight on wide-ranging topics from the humanities, law, and business that challenge contemporary thought and contribute to a better world. Their books populate research libraries at top universities worldwide, including Rutgers’ own research library system

Of course, Rutgers–Camden faculty express their research innovations in many ways.  Their work appears regularly in the top scholarly journals in their fields, and their creativity commands attention on stage and in museums, galleries, and public spaces.

The following list is a representation of books authored or edited by Rutgers–Camden professors during a five-year period.  It’s not comprehensive and it’s a continuous work in progress.  Keep checking back for updates!

World-Class Research

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