Students entering Rutgers–Camden with an interest in a medicine can prepare for medical school by participating in the pre-med program. Because of the campus’ small size, students can establish close relationships with their professors early in their college experience and take advantage of opportunities for performing research as an undergraduate. While some schools still offer a pre-med major, most medical schools prefer students with a degree in a particular discipline, such as biology or chemistry. Whether students choose a major from biological sciences, social sciences, or the humanities, advisers will guide students individually on selecting the appropriate required courses for admission to medical school.

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  • Rutgers–Camden has an active American Medical Student Association (AMSA) chapter. At monthly meetings, students can learn about medical professions and medical schools in addition to other relevant information. Members regularly attend regional and national AMSA programs and conferences. Several students recently served in key leadership roles with the AMSA on a national level.
  • Students at Rutgers–Camden have the opportunity to participate in a variety of volunteer and internship experiences which provide exposure to medical professions and research, including: the Academic Associates Program sponsored by the Emergency Medicine Area of Cooper University Hospital.
  • In addition to the pre-med program, incoming first-year students may apply to the joint BA/DO program. This accelerated path to a medical career is offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine. Qualified students complete a three-year curriculum at Rutgers–Camden and a four-year curriculum at Rowan in Stratford.
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I found the lectures very helpful in understanding many problems facing doctors today.