The Office of Financial Services at Rutgers University-Camden has three main units:

  1. Business and Financial Support:  Provides accounting and business support to Rutgers-Camden administrative units.
  2. Post-Award:  Manages the post-award function for Rutgers-Camden
  3. Student Accounting Office:
  • The Cash Office is the central location for processing of all monetary payments to the University.
  • The Student Accounting Office is a resource for students to gain current information regarding their student accounts.

Locate Us

Office of Financial Services
311 North Fifth Street, Suite 358
Camden, NJ 08102-1405

856-225-6019 (phone)
856-225-6023 (fax)

Student Accounting
311 North Fifth Street, main level (across from the registrar's office)
Camden, NJ 08102-1405

856-225-6021 (phone)
856-225-6022 (fax)