To set up the LifeSize video conference equipment:

  1. Move cart over to the front and center of the table.
  2. Turn the TV on by pressing the POWER button on top of the TV. It's the largest and first button on the top right side.
  3. Use the Lifesize remote to "wake up" the LifeSize equipment. You can press any button. The main menu picture should come on.
  4. Take the round LifeSize microphone from the cart and place it on the table.
  5. If you are initiating a call, use the Directory by pressing the yellow button on the remote, then 'OK' to place the call.

During Use:

  1. To change the layout of the calls on the screen, press the 'CALL' button on the Lifesize remote to cycle through the settings. 2 sites connected = 3 layouts : 3 sites connected = 7 layouts)
  2. To use the computer, press the computer power button to turn it on.
  3. To view the computer PRIMARY display, press the 'CAMERA NEAR' button. Then select the computer input by using the arrow buttons on the LifeSize remote, then press 'OK'.
  4. If you want to use the computer monitor instead of the TV for viewing the PC, just turn on the monitor. NOTE The computer monitor is the SECONDARY display, and you may have a hard time seeing where the mouse pointer is or where new windows are opening up at. Please use the above step (2) to assist in viewing issues.

After use:

  1. Place the LifeSize microphone back on the cart.
  2. Turn the power off on the TV by using the power button located on top. (It's the biggest button)
  3. Place the LifeSize remote on the cart.
  4. Move the cart back in the corner. Please do not roll over the cables with the cart wheels.

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