Financial Aid

We understand that paying for college is a challenge faced by many students and their families. At Rutgers University–Camden, our team of financial aid professionals will help you find ways to make attending Rutgers a reality through a variety of financial aid types and convenient payment plans.

A Rutgers Education Made Possible

Last year, 89 percent of the entering undergraduate class at Rutgers–Camden received an offer of financial aid, for a total of $68 million in merit- and need-based aid. Of all Rutgers–Camden undergraduates, 84 percent received financial aid. 

Types of Financial Aid Available

Rutgers University offers financial aid packages for qualifying undergraduate and graduate students. There are many types of financial aid available to Rutgers students, including:

  • Scholarships (recognize academic merit)
  • Awards (recognize academic merit)
  • Grants (recognize financial need)
  • Loans (must be repaid)
  • Work-study (part-time, on-campus employment)
  • Fellowships (graduate study only)

Scholarships, awards, and grants are gift aid, and do not need to be paid back.

Loans can come from private lenders as well as federal, state, and University sources. Loan repayment usually begins after graduation. 

Work-study allows students to earn money for college expenses while gaining valuable skills. 

Undergraduate students

Learn about scholarships and federal work-study at Rutgers University–Camden. Or estimate the cost of a Rutgers education using the net price calculator. You’ll need income tax returns, recent pay stubs, bank statements, and investment accounts to get an individualized estimate on your cost of attendance. 

Bridging the Gap Grant

This bold new program reduces costs by covering up to 100% of remaining tuition for eligible first-year students earning a bachelor’s degree at Rutgers University–Camden. Learn about Bridging the Gap.

Graduate students

Learn more about financial aid for graduate students and merit-based fellowships.


Find out more about how to apply for education benefits from the Rutgers–Camden Office of Veterans Affairs.  

Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)

Qualifying New Jersey residents can receive special services and financial assistance through the EOF Program

Contact the Office of Financial Aid

Or find answers on Rutgers Financial Aid TV.