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Camden Grants and Contract Accounting
Armitage Hall
3rd Floor
311 North 5th Street
Camden NJ 08102-1519
 Tel 856-225-6019
Fax 856-225-6023


To provide post award grant and contract accounting and compliance support to the Camden Campus community in an efficient, accurate and timely manner. The Camden Grants and Contract Accounting Office does financial reporting on all research grants and contracts for the Camden Campus. Other responsibilities include:

1. Set up new award account and informed all concerned parties.

2. Maintain budgetary control of awards, including approval of expenses.

3. Prepare and file required invoices and financial reports with award sponsors.

4. Collect outstanding award receivables and apply cash payments.

5. Complete required reports and provide needed documents for award closeouts.

Grants and Contract Accounting Directory:

Rosa M. Rivera
Stephanie Bladen Grants Accounting- Supervisor
Joseph Aiken Grants Accountant 856-225-6124

Division of Grants Accounting "DGCA"- New Brunswick
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - Camden
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - New Brunswick
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